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  • Date:2013-07-08

 Required Documents & Note::

1.         All referral notes written by doctors, need to receive treatment in Taiwan within 3 weeks. After treatment, apply to the public health center or public health bureau within 3 months.

2.         Documents that should be attached when applying:
(1) This application form.
(2) Stub of round-trip plane ticket
(3) Copy of medical receipt
(4) Front cover copy of your bankbook or of legal representative

3.         Please fill out patients’ application form information fully and contain the company chop of both hospitals transferred to and from plus the doctor’s seal, and then apply for the subsidy.

4.         Patients that are under 12 and over 65 years old, hold Catastrophic Illness Card or moderate, extreme handicapped handbook, and accompanied and can apply for the subsidy.

5.     Each person can apply for subsidy at the most 4 times every year and every amount of subsidy is half the price of the plane ticket. Patients that are diagnosed with Catastrophic Illness and those that need to receive treatment due to catastrophic illness are not in this restriction. Only patients that do not receive treatment due to catastrophic illness can still apply for 4 times every year for each patient.

6.         Patients who received treatment at clinics in Taiwan cannot apply for  subsidies.

Contact the Medical Affairs Section: Telephone: 332668

(Medical institutions in charge of medical affairs in the county: The Department of Health of the Executive Yuan’s Kinmen Hospital and the Wuchiou Infirmary)